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         ABOUT US


BAL.FRI.LUX is a family run company founded in 1986 as a result of the experience gained in the Seventies. “BAL.FRI.LUX” is the acronym for the last names of the founders Alessandro Baldini and Paolo Frizzi and also refers to the lighting industry.

Since the very beginning of its activity the company has built its reputation on the excellent quality of lampshades, the craftsmanship and the wide array of items produced. Another of our strengths is the pursuit of meeting our customers’ requirements with fast delivery times and competitive products in terms of quality and price.

Over the last 30 years the market has considerably changed, but the experience, flexibility and competence of roles allowed us to go ahead, always choosing the path of quality obtained with careful craftsmanship.

Even today every single shade is entirely and accurately cut and worked by the hands of our skilled collaborators who have been with us for many years.



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